About us

The main aim of the Performance Biennale, organized by Fundación Babilonia para las Artes, la Ciencia y la Cultura, is to celebrate performance art and increase its visibility.

We support art projects that escape rigid, simplistic definitions. We believe in interdisciplinary, organic expressions, in liminal, eccentric, and extended manifestations, where the artist’s body appears in its full poetic and revolutionary potential.

We commission new creations by Argentinian artists and restagings of key pieces from the history of contemporary performance by celebrated international artists.

We also devote part of our program to academic events. Seminars, workshops, and talks seek to generate a space for reflection and the expression of ideas with the aim of building a bridge between the universe of performance art and the academic discourse.

We engage in dialogue with different local and foreign cultural institutions which reflects the plurality and the crosscutting nature of this artistic expression.

We want to create connections, interactions, and collaborations among artists, and promote new spaces for discovery and transformation that will enable the emergence of new languages.

BP’s curatorial team includes artists and scholars who work from a democratic team angle, seeking to create and uphold a collaborative system that supports artists throughout their research and production process.

Since 2015, the Performance Biennale has been a platform that brings together artists, curators, and different cultural organizations. It burst onto the local scene joining the constellation of international biennials and enabling the projection of local artists.

To explore and confront new models and methodologies for the curation, promotion, and production of performance art are the tenets that earmark the Biennale as a machinery of creation and reflection in motion.

In 2021, we renew our commitment to artists, audience and institutions, and we look forward to celebrating together another performative month of May.